Cinnamon Bark Oil

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Cinnamon bark oil contains aldehydes. It contains cinnamaldehyde or cinnamic aldehyde (an aromatic aldehyde) which gives the flavoring that people love in mints, gums, etc. Aldehydes are known to be highly antiviral, calming to the nervous system, anti-inflammatory and vasodilators. Cinnamonaldehyde is known to be a tonic and stimulates peristalsis. The color of the cinnamon bark oil is yellow.

Medicinal use of Cinnamon Bark was first recorded in Chinese formulations as early as 2700 B.C. The herb has been used as a healing aid for stomach upset and gas, diarrhea, rheumatism, kidney ailments, and abdominal pain. The Egyptians used it as a foot massage as well as a remedy for excessive bile. It was used as an ingredient of mulled wines, love potions and a sedative during birth.