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The Ceylon cinnamon or “True cinnamon”, is the dried Bark of Cinnamomum zealanicum Blume, belongs to the family of lauraceae. Cinnamon is used in both sweet and savory foods. 

Within our export portfolio of spices cinnamon takes precedence.

Product and packing details

Cinnamon quills - all grades - export standard packing in new perforated polylined jute. Covered in cylindrical bales of 25kgs and 22.68kgs bales.

History of cinnamon

True cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka. Cinnamon is originally grown wild in central hill country of Sri Lanka. The history of cinnamon dates back to about 2800 B.C. Cinnamon is even mentioned in the Bible when Moses used it as an ingredient for his anointing oil in ancient Rome. Cinnamon was a precious spice in the west during 14th -15th centuries and its’ primary use was to preserve meat and to retard the growth of bacteria.   The quest for cinnamon was a major factor which led to exploration of the world in 15th century. By that time the real cinnamon was produced in only one place, namely in Ceylon or Sri Lanka.

The best historical evidence about the cinnamon trade in Sri Lanka is found in Up country-Dutch agreement (Hanguranketha agreement) signed in 14th February 1766 between the Sri Lankan king Sri Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe and the Dutch government.

By this agreement King had permitted the Dutch to cut and peel cinnamon in certain forest areas of Sri Lanka and Dutch agreed to protect the Kingdom from foreign invasion.

Product & Uses

Cinnamon is unique plant which has essential oil in leaves, bark and roots but chemical composition of them are completely different from each other. Essential oils are produced from both bark and leaves; major chemical in bark oil is Cinnamaldehyde and in leaf oil Euginol. Cinnamon is also available in pure ground form or as n ingredient in curry mixtures and pelleted form too.

Cinnamon is mostly used in cooking and baking. Cinnamon is a versatile spice which can be added to any food item such as salads, confectionaries, beverages, soups, stews and sauces. Cinnamon drink made by immersing pieces of bark in hot water is popular among Latin American countries. Cinnamon flavored tea is becoming popular. It is also used as a common ingredient in Chinese ad Aurvedic medicine. Cinnamon leaf and bark oils are used to flavor food products, in perfumery industry and in pharmaceutical industry.

Medicinal and Chemical Properties

Euginol is the main chemical ingredient in cinnamon leaf oil and Cinnamaldihide is present in cinnamon bark oil. However there are hundreds of minor chemical ingredients which give characteristic flavor and aroma in true cinnamon.

Recently, it has been studied for its ability to boost brain power, reduce blood clotting and its healing effects on the heart and colon. Recent studies have proved its ability to control type 2 diabetics by reducing blood sugar level and to reduce blood cholesterol level. In traditional society’s cinnamon is said to have used to relieve digestive upset, congestion, menstrual problems, stiff joints and muscles. It has said to been used as an anti-inflammatory agent and as a pain reliever to arthritis patients. Some studies had shown that cinnamon help to cure urine tract infections and to fight tooth decay and gum disease.

Cinnamon Range


Max diameter : 6mm

Min number of whole quills per Kg :  45

Slim and slender in shape , ALBA is the most expensive grade of cinnamon with an exquisite taste of aroma. This is currently produced in Sri Lanka.

C5 Special

Max diameter : 10mm

Min number of whole quills per Kg : 30

This variety of cinnamon has a very high demand due to its excellent shape, color and taste.


Max diameter : 12mm

Min number of whole quills per Kg : 27

This type of cinnamon is slim , golden yellow color with sweet taste. This variety is much in demand.


Max diameter : 16mm

Min number of whole quills per Kg : 22

This variety of cinnamon is fine, yellow in color and fetches a good price in the international market.


Max diameter : 21mm

Min number of whole quills per Kg : 15

4M type cinnamon comprises of selected sections of fine cinnamon.


Max diameter : 18mm

Min number of whole quills per Kg : 20

Rough in appearance and brown in color, 5M grade consist of thin sticks of cinnamon.


Max diameter : 23mm

Min number of whole quills per Kg : 10

H1 grade comprises the finest and the most expensive portions of the rough cinnamon bark.


Max diameter : 32mm

Min number of whole quills per Kg : 7

H2 grade consists of about 90% of golden yellow cinnamon sticks of good quality.

Cut Cinnamon

Generally cut in to 3", 5", 6", 8" pieces Size and packaging customizedSpecially selected and packed cut pieces of cinnamon of any grade is called cut cinnamon. This can be shipped in 500gr packet or to customer specification.

No:1 Quillings

No 1 quilllings grade consists of slightly larger quillings which are obtained in the process of cutting and baling cinnamon.

No:2 Quillings

This is a type of cinnamon which consists of tiny chips caused in the process of baling cinnamon.

Cinnamon Powder